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Please watch this video and be aware that 70% of US food is GMO! The Health Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods
Monsanto covertly suppressing the truth and the Fox News Network caves
The Future of Food - Introduction to Disaster
The U.S. Army dumped 64 million pounds of nerve and mustard gas and weapons into the Atlantic Ocean.
The U.S. Army dumped 64 million pounds of nerve and mustard gas and weapons into the Atlantic Ocean. More troubling, is that scientists say the weapons may still be deadly, along with more than 500 tons of radioactive waste from World War II. Until 1970, Congress and international treaties banned sea-dumping.
Former US Army Depleted Uranium Expert Alleges Campaign of Harassment Against Him for Speaking Out
For years, the Pentagon has attempted to keep discussion of depleted uranium weapons out of the public eye. These are the radioactive munitions the US has used in Iraq, Bosnia, Vieques and, most recently, Yugoslavia. During the Gulf War, US and British warplanes fired off more than a million rounds of DU-coated bullets, and in Kosovo, the Pentagon admits to using 31,000.
Disease stalks new megacities
Sewage pollution, their report, The Human Waste, says, is now one of the biggest and most common causes of illnesses, estimated to affect the health of more than 120 million people at any one time. In Asia, the level of sewage in rivers is 50 times higher than the UN guidelines.
Black "Blob" in Florida Waters Has Scientists Perplexed
A large mass of blackish-green water floating off the Florida coast has scientists and researchers scratching their heads. Described as "sewage-colored" and containing material that is slimy and gelatinous, the mysterious formation was first spotted in January between Naples and Key West. Research to determine its origin is underway.
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150 'dead zones' counted in oceans
The number of oxygen-deprived "dead zones" in the world's oceans has been increasing since the 1970s and is now nearly 150, threatening fisheries as well as humans who depend on fish, the U.N. Environment Program announced Monday in unveiling its first-ever Global Environment Outlook Year Book.
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